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ILS 125th Anniversary Funding Campaign

The ILS benefits from the support of our generous hosts the Bloomsbury Hotel and from an annual grant from the Irish government’s Emigrant Support Fund, but in order maintain our services to members and to develop the Society’s offer we need to attract further funding. To mark our 125th anniversary and ensure that we are around for another 125 years we are actively seeking support from corporate and individual sponsors. Outlined below are number of ways in which we are seeking to attract support for the Society.

The Irish Literary Society would benefit from your support in developing our programme and services.

Irish Literary Society – fundraising campaign


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We want your gift to have the most appropriate recognition. While this is usually through dedicated acknowledgement in our literature, at our events and on our sponsors section here on the website you may like to discuss your special wishes with us, or to become more involved in the life of the ILS.

A gift for future generations

If you believe in the work the ILS does to communicate and promote Irish culture to a London audience, perhaps you would consider leaving us a gift in your will? A gift of any size will help us develop and maintain the society, and continue enriching the lives of future generations.

If you already have a will and wish to add a gift for the benefit of the ILS, you can do this by making a codicil to your will.

In every case we strongly recommend that you consult a solicitor when making or updating your will, to ensure that it is legally valid and reflects your intentions.

Find a solicitor on the Law Society website.

Types of gift

There are a number of options you might consider:

A residual bequest

This is a gift of the remainder (or proportion of the remainder) of your estate, after all payments, taxes and other bequests have been made. This option allows you to take care of friends and family first and still make a meaningful donation. We suggest the following wording:

“I give ___% / all [please specify] of the residue of my estate to the Irish Literary Society,

A pecuniary bequest:

This is a fixed sum of money decided by you. We suggest the following wording:

“I give the sum of ___ to the Irish Literary Society to hold on trust for its general purposes as outlined in its ‘Rules’.”

A specific bequest:

You can also bequeath specific personal possessions such as property or shares. We suggest the following wording:

“I give the sum of ___ to the Irish Literary Society to hold on trust for its general purposes as outlined in its ‘Rules’.”

Reversionary gift

A gift of property or assets that is passed to a named individual for enjoyment in their lifetime. On their death the whole or a portion of these assets revert to the beneficiary of the reversionary legacy.

Inheritance Tax

The Irish Literary Society is exploring the options for obtaining charitable status, should we achieve this status your gift will be exempt from Inheritance Tax.

Tax rules introduced by the government with effect from 6 April 2012 may also mean that if you leave at least 10% of your estate to charity, the Inheritance Tax rate on the rest of your estate may reduce from 40% to 36%. The rules are complex, however, and you should seek advice from your solicitor or tax advisor on how they may affect you.

If you are thinking about donating or including a gift to the Irish Literary Society in your will, please let us know – this will give us the opportunity to thank you and show you how your generosity will make a difference to the Society.

Find out more about gift recognition:

You can let us know about your intentions or interest by contacting the the Honorary Secretary: