Irish in Britain

The Federation of Irish Societies, founded in 1973, has been rebranded and is now called ‘Irish in Britain’. The purpose of Irish in Britain is to represent Irish organisations in Britain and to campaign for and support the growth and well–being of Irish communities.

Irish in Britain is made up of members across Britain. They are cultural organisations and festivals; social clubs; business networks; care providers; campaigners and individuals.

Each year Irish in Britain publishes a detailed Annual Report analysing the current position of Irish in Britain, other such useful documentation is available on its website (see below)


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Irish in Britain

Irish in Britain

What they do:

Irish in Britain delivers work in a number of different areas:
• Research into the Irish community in Britain
• Policy and lobbying for the Irish community on a range issues – from welfare reforms to dementia services
• Parliamentary work – providing the Secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Irish in Britain
• campaigning – from working to secure an ‘Irish’ category for the first time in the 2001 Census to raising the profile of the Irish cultural contribution to Britain through its Ireland inspires initiative or providing the template for memory–loss/dementia friendly communities through our Cuimhne strategy.
• Community Development – providing advice, guidance and support to Irish Clubs, groups and societies across Britain to help ensure their sustainability and growth.

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