At the July 2018 AGM the Committee put to the membership the proposal that we apply to form the Society into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), the motion passed and since then we have pursued that objective. As of 3 March 2021 the Irish Literary Society is entered on the Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1193684. The trustees are Gavin Clarke; James Lazar (Chair); Dr Michelle Paull; Peter Power Hynes. The Society’s elected Committee will continue to function as usual but legal authority for the Society rests with the trustees. It is the duty of the trustees to ensure that the Society operates for the public benefit.

We believe that this constitutional change allows us greater opportunities to attract sponsors, donations and bequests. The committee is now freed of any worries about personal financial liability. Our status as a CIO gives us clear governance models to follow, a legal identity and the security of overarching charity law as a constraint and protection.

Gavin Clarke
Honorary Secretary
Irish Literary Society
3 March 2021