2021-22 Season – Physically present events:

We’re delighted to be back programming in-person events. As more of us are vaccinated now and transmission numbers are significantly reduced we are opening up again but we’re still being cautious so would ask that you observe a few rules at our events for the safety and peace of mind of all:

  • We’re still asking everyone to wear a face covering while they’re at events (unless they are exempt).
  • Please don’t come to events if you feel unwell or anyone in your household is showing symptoms of COVID-19.

The various venues for our events will also have their own rules and safety measures in place. While we hope to release video and audio recordings of the forthcoming programme our concentration will be on the live in-person experience.

2020-21 Season:

Welcome to  the 2020/2021 programme year. As a result of the Covid19 pandemic we have had to cancel/ postpone our regular monthly programmes since March. I am certain you will understand our decision to do so. However, the Committee has been holding regular meetings via “Zoom” to fulfil its duties. Among decisions taken  were:

1. to postpone the 2020 Annual General Meeting and for the outgoing committee to continue until it is safe to hold one which could be attended by members physically.
2. to provide, as much as possible, our regular services electronically.
3. to lodge the application to the Charity Commissioners to be registered as a C.I.O.
4. to waive subscriptions for a limited period

Thanks to the hard work of our Secretary, Gavin Clarke, and other members of the committee, programmes are being recorded which will be available for viewing by members online as soon as the editing has been completed. ‘Live’ online events are also being planned.

I understand the stress and strains undergone by our members  during this epidemic and I hope we return to normalcy soon.

I  thank you, the members, the Irish Embassy, The Bloomsbury Hotel and its staff, our President and Vice-President and members of the Committee for all the support provided to carry out the objectives of the Society.

James Lazar,

Chairman, Irish Literary Society.